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Single and Double Stringer Staircases

Stringer Staircases


Single stringer staircase is a floating staircase which has features that permits it to be configurable according to any space. Thus, it is the most sought after stair solution by most contractors and homeowners for its easy installation ability to meet the project dimension requirements.

We take pride in each and every one of the uniquely designed custom spiral staircases that leaves our fabrication shop. Every staircase we build is custom-tailored to fit the needs of our clients, and with craftsmanship that sets us above and beyond other staircase builders. Throughout the past twenty years in the steel staircase business, we have encountered many tough and difficult situations where location and placement of the staircase in critical.

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Metal Stringers

Traditionally, stringers were made from construction lumber and would be installed in threes: one stringer on each side of the stairway, and one in the center for support. Wide stairways required a few extra stringers for structural support. In these conventional stairways, the stringer was actually built inside the walls, hidden in drywall or paneling, where it became part of the structural membrane of the house.

However, modern homeowners are moving away from traditional staircase design. Single metal stair stringers are beginning to replace the boxy, outdated wood stringers of the past. Instead of being hidden inside the walls, metal stair stringers are crafted to be seen.

Floating staircases are designed to minimize or hide the supporting structure of the staircase. This gives the impression that the stair treads are floating. Floating stairs are popular in open concept spaces. They remove visual obstructions and maximize living space.

The modern and contemporary look is the hallmark of the double stringer staircase. It is a versatile stair that can have nearly any treads and handrail style. Moreover, the additional stringer makes for a super strong structure when compared with a single stringer design, ensuring that the longevity of the staircase will match its timeless design.

Sporting an open, minimalist look, the floating staircases is very appealing for modern homes. You can choose a single mono stringer, double stringer, or even a side stringer to give your home a modern look.

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